Fodder for Unbelievers

My heart aches as I grieve for the parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and friends of those killed at the camp in Norway.  The demon-possessed, right-winged, extremist has fed the hate of militant Muslims and crusading atheists all over the world by calling himself a Christian.

I cringe whenever I hear someone take the Lord’s name in vain, whether it be a slip of the tongue in anger; a line in a reality TV show or drama; a bomber of abortion clinics;  or any other murderous act.  What about you?  How often have you heard someone shout, “Oh Buddha,” after he accidentally hit his thumb with a hammer?  When did you last hear a Muslim swear in the name of Mohammed? Instead, extremist Muslims  declare  jihad against anyone dares to desecrate their leader’s name or image.

Sometimes I feel almost feel apologetic to refer to myself as a Christian.  The terms believer or follower of Christ are sounding more and more appealing.  I’m not proposing I and other like-minded believers declare jihad against those who misuse God’s holy name.   Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.”   It’s only if I can do that do I have the right to claim to be a Christian, a believer  and a follower of our loving Savior.


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