I Don’t Do Windows!

The other day I glanced out of  my office window and cringed.  What a grimy world!  Blotches and dirt everywhere.  The house across the street needs a paint job to be sure.  Their wooden fence needs cleaning as well.  And their Honda Civic–eeugh!  Even the sky overhead seemed brownish instead of blue from air pollution.  I noticed a pattern developing when I glanced out of my husband’s office window and discovered that our neighbor’s property on our left needs a good cleansing as well.

OK, so you all saw it coming.  Obviously I don’t do windows –at least not often enough!  So it’s off the the hardware store for some Windex, you know, one of those bottles you attach to the business end of your hose; a squeegee and some rags.  A little work on my part and the view through my windows improved drastically.

The other day I went to the market and glanced about  at the other shoppers–the mother with the screaming two-year-old; the shopper with a cart full of carbs; the lady who looks like she could bite the head off a live frog and…

Jesus talked about removing a speck from my neighbor’s eye when I have a wooden beam in my own.  A prosaic blog perhaps, but worth considering the next time I gaze through dirty windows…

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