A Virtual Back Rub

During my worship this morning, I was searching to find greater and greater superlatives to acclaim my reasons for loving God the Father.  Somehow they all sounded weak and inadequate.  Then I recalled the truism, “Actions speak louder than words.”

My thoughts went to my biological dad returning home each night after an 8 to 10 hour day, sweaty and exhausted from lugging wooden extension ladders on his shoulders; repeatedly climbing up and down those same ladders;  hauling multiple gallons of paint from his truck to the job site and back again.  I thought of how tired his shoulders must have been; how tight his neck muscles must have felt.  If only I’d offered to give him a back rub at some point.  But no, I was a self-absorbed little girl hardly aware of any need beyond my own desire for a new pair of saddle shoes or a fuzzy pink Angora sweater set.

Today I can no longer offer to massage my daddy’s back, but I can give my heavenly Dad, One who carries the weight of the world on His shoulders; One who never fails to erase my cares the minute I ask; I can give Him a virtual massage.  Step by step I imagine myself  standing behind the Father’s massive back and pouring a generous dollop of aloe-vera cream on my hands and  rubbing it into His skin while whispering in His ear, “I love You, Daddy.”

I can imagine the smile on His face when I ask Him if He feels better.  I can only imagine.  And then I remember a phrase, “As you do it unto one of the least of them…”  And there’s the rub.  Virtual massages can never replace the healing of real hands on another human’s skin.  Words are so much easier, cleaner.  Yeah, that’s the rub, isn’ t it?

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