A PB&J KInd of love

“How great is the love the Father has LAVISHED on us that we should be called children of God.  (1 John 3:1)

I love the word “lavish.” Somehow Mr. Webster’s definition doesn’t quite cut it for me–“to bestow with profusion.”  The actions of my then, four-year-old grandson better illustrates the term for me.

His eyes sparkling with anticipation,  Alec would slather a layer of peanut butter on the slice of toast, followed by an even heavier layer of blackberry jam.   And then, if grandma fixed a hot cup of cocoa to go with it, he would enjoy a treat worthy of a royal son or daughter.

What a picture of the way God slathers His love on His kids–not skimping; not sparing but LAVISHING  gobs and gobs of blessings on me.   Just as the layers of peanut butter and jelly turn a slice of dry toast into a snack fit for royalty, so His LAVISH gift of love turns dry toast (me) into a savory treat for sharing with the people around me as well as for the King of the Universe.  Best yet, I get to lick the dollops of God’s pb&j kind of love from my fingertips and off the butter knife!

“Lord, as You lavish Your love on me today, teach me how to lavish that love on my hubby, my friends and my world.”

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3 Responses to A PB&J KInd of love

  1. Casey Stilwell says:

    How my husband and I can relate to that terminology! My husband is the most enthusiatic, intense Christian man I know. When he started using that term to describe the quality and depth of God’s blessing on us, I was blown away since I had never thought of describing blessings in that way. Sabbath has become such a wonderful day of spiritual blessings for us; so different than they used to be. We find ourselves anxious for Sabbath to start and sorry to see it end.

  2. Sylvia Ledesma Warner says:

    Hi Mrs. Rizzo,
    I saw your Facebook post and thought I’d take a minute to stop by and comment on your blog. I love the positive feel of your website, I think I most love the comment about attitude being a daily choice. I so agree with that! Each day we make the choice of how we will react to things that will present themselves in our day. As I’ve gotten older I learned not to let things in life get to me. It works great in that I don’t live with much stress. Sometimes when really difficult things jump out in front of me, I will laugh, because, well, what else should I do at the moment? Anyhow, positive attitude goes a long way in helping us get through life and the bumpy parts. I only wish everyone could see that. Ta ta for now, thank you for inviting me to your blog, it was a wonderful ending to my day!

    • pepsi7 says:

      You’re right on, gal. I pity those who haven’t yet discovered the joy that is rightfully theirs everyday in Jesus.

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