God’s bucket List for Me

What’s on God’s bucket list for me today?  Learn to blog?  Just as I feel satisfied with my capabilities and accomplishments some geek (my husband, my son-in-law) throws a technological curve at me–learn to blog!  Blog?  Even the word sounds disgusting- like someone’s clearing his throat.

Blogging is good! they tell me.  It puts you in touch with your readers.  It gives you a platform to express your thoughts.  (Yup! Obviously that’s going well!)  OK, Lord,  so I’m expressing my thoughts.  Sure, I have lots to say, but who in the world is going to read them?  I guess You could say I’ve done my part and now it’s up to You.

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3 Responses to God’s bucket List for Me

  1. Debbie E. says:


    I love to hear anything you have to share in any format. This is wonderful!

    Mom just finished your latest book and I am getting ready to start it. Love the series so I’m sure this will be fun to read.

    Debbie (Shepler) Erpenbeck

  2. Debbie Clark says:

    I read your blog. Keep writing on your blog and continue to let people know on Facebook. I have FB friends who do a devotional every morning. I really apppreciate them.

  3. Eileen says:

    Congrats Kay! I think it’s great you are challenging yourself to stay technologically current! Not easy for those of us early Baby Boomers! You’re bound to have followers because you always say the most interesting things in the most insightful way. Keep up the good work!

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